Mary’s Fairy Gothmother – DP Writing Challenge – Shift your Perspective

The Challenge this week is to write something from a different perspective – since I tend to write in the first person I have chosen to write in the third.   As it’s Christmas I present a tale of fairies and wannabe princesses – from a slightly different angle!!!!

  Mary’s Fairy Gothmother

Mary slammed her bedroom door shut.  She threw her spindly body onto her bed and lay face to face with Cinderella.  She glared down at the image “it’s alright for you” she thought “you had a fairy godmother to sort your life out”.   She sat up and stared into the mirror on her pink dressing room table.      A thin girl with a riot of curly ginger hair hanging over a face full of freckles glared back at her.   “I hate you” she said to the scowling face.  Bright blue eyes glittered out at her as she thought about the fight she’d just had with her parents.   “I hate them” she said.

Mary couldn’t understand why her parents didn’t want her to change.  “What’s wrong with blond hair and a bit of make up? I wish I had a fairy godmother – she’d help me, she’d make me look beautiful.”   As she spoke loud raucous guitar music blasted out and she watched in amazement as a fairy emerged out of the air and landed on the dressing table in front of her.

Looking at her new god-daughter the fairy said “Don’t look so shocked – you wanted a godmother and girlfriend you got one”.

” So”, what do you think?” said Mary’s fairy godmother as she stretched her gossamer wings at full span.   “Cool huh? “

Mary stared in wonderment as the tiny women turned around to show off her gauzy wings which were the color of bright silver steel with the words “Rock Chick” emblazoned across them.   “Err…… well its different” she said politely.

“I had a make-over “said Mary’s godmother.  She pirouetted on the spot for Mary to admire her new look.  Black hair tied up in 2 bunches, sticking out at right angles, one each side of her face.   Lots of black eyeliner with matching lipstick, a black sleeveless vest with the words “make a wish – I dare you” picked out in pink glitter on the front.  Neon pink plastic baggy trousers and knee high black boots with 4 inch soles and silver buckles running up the sides.    “It’s the happening look” said Mary’s godmother who was obviously throwing herself into the new image with enthusiasm.

Worried that she may end up with warts as well as freckles on her face if she offended the fairy,  Mary chose her works with care  “It’s awesome, but  I kind of thought that fairy godmothers were meant to be a little more conservative.

“Goth mother if you please,” said the fairy “anyway you can call me T.J.  It’s short for  Trixi Juelle but I never did like it very much.  Far too sweet for my liking.”

“But aren’t you supposed to be sweet?  Aren’t you supposed to lull the enemy into a false sense of security by looking harmless and….. well…. old? “   Mary said thinking that she preferred a more traditional look and that may be she could get TJ to change her mind.

TJ snorted with laughter “oh give me a break, that look is so over.  Who wants to be old anymore, have crinkled skin and face cheeks like peaches fuzz?  And all that twinkling!  It dries out the skin you know”.

“I’d never thought of it that way” admitted Mary.

“Well, you want to give it some thought” snapped TJ  “How would you like to be a white-haired old lady for the rest of eternity?”

Mary did think about this for a while, she couldn’t imagine being old but then she remembered her Grandma.   “My grandma’s been like that for ever and she doesn’t seem to mind” she replied.

“Oh Pleeease” said TJ rolling her eyes toward the ceiling “how boring!”   She pulled out a slim elongated silver tube from thin air and started to key in something on its notepad.  Noticing Mary’s look of surprise she said  “It’s called a  ‘wicked wand’.  It’s the latest thing in technology”.  It stores up to 20,000 magic spells, records and plays back memorable charms, takes pictures and, most importantly, keeps me in touch with other people”.   TJ waved the gadget in the air.  Glowing red neon signs materialized and hung in the air.  “Now what do you think?  Which one grabs your attention?” she asked as she pointed to the pulsating words “Happy Harpy”, “Sultry Sprite” and “Potty Pixie”.   “I’m looking for a logo for my motorbike”

“What happened to broomsticks?” said Mary desperately.

“I am so over knobby wood knots and splinters” TJ replied.  She waved the wicked wand again and the pulsating words vanished.

“Now then, let’s get down to business.  You want a new look, don’t you?”

Mary looked at her fairy godmother and decided that maybe change wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.  But before she could say anything TJ had called up a spell and waved the wicked wand in the air. Mary was transformed.  She looked into the mirror and gasped.  Her face, plastered with makeup, and black thick lines circled her eyes making her look like a ghoulish.  She had spiky brittle blond hair with pink tips.   The piercings looked raw and bit into her skin.  Dull colored clothes engulfed her body.  She started to cry.   “Don’t you like it?” asked her fairy godmother disappointed.   Mary shook her head miserably and cried even harder.  “Please change me back” she sobbed “I want to be me again”.  TJ sighed in exasperation.  She hit keys on the wand pad and changed Mary back to her old self.   Mary gasped with relief.

“Well I have to fly” said TJ sniggering at her own joke.  “I’m off to see a rock concert”.  A motorbike appeared by her side and she climbed on.  “Changes” she said looking at her god-daughter “are not always a good thing”.  Mary looked at her fairy gothmother and silently agreed.     TJ gave Mary a wide knowing smile, revved up the roaring bike and vanished.

8 thoughts on “Mary’s Fairy Gothmother – DP Writing Challenge – Shift your Perspective

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  2. Well written. Sometimes we wish for something and it turns out it wasn’t all it was supposed to be. Excellent post.

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