The joy of serendipity

Please please read a glass half fulls blog on her journey to create ‘Snapshots of Sri Lanka’ a book created to raise funds to build a pre=school in Sri Lanka and spread the word – let’s make this Christmas special for a lot of disadantaged children. 🙂

A Glass Half Full

Serendipity is a wonderful word.  It means, according to my dictionary “the faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident”.

It is also a word synonymous with Sri Lanka, one of my favourite countries, and comes from one of several names by which that country has been known over the centuries: Serendib.

This is a story of serendipity.  It starts earlier this year, when I taught a week-long travel writing course at the annual Camp Creative summer school in the small town of Bellingen, New South Wales. My students were a group of mature travellers, keen to hone their writing skills in order to best record their experiences. Among them was a woman called Vreni Voigt.  After the course was over, Vreni called me for advice on a fund-raising idea she had, to raise money to help build a pre-school in Sri Lanka.

The Samadhi Grove pre-school…

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