Tense Tuesday – Australia on High Alert

Over 120 fires burning in New South Wales, bush fires in Victoria and fires raging Tasmania (there are still about  100 people missing) and it’s still not over.  No wonder they are calling  it Tense Tuesday.  Residents and tourists alike in danger zones are on high alert to move out sometimes with as little as 5 minutes notice.     I had planned to go on holiday to Tasmania at the beginning of February and share with you the wonders of this part of Australia with its primary ancient forests, pristine beaches, spectacular scenery, amazing wildlife and smorgasboard of food and drink.   Now I’m watching scenes that show strung out inferno lines of bright orange consuming the landscape leaving charred stumps, destroyed houses, dead animals and distraught people who have lost almost every material possession in their wake.    My friend and I have had a discussion and I think we should still go.  The North of Tasmania is unscathed and they are certainly going to need people to boost the economy by spending time there.     For the fire fighters, those still missing and those affected by the tragedy please spare a thought and a prayer for them tonight.


45 thoughts on “Tense Tuesday – Australia on High Alert

  1. Hi Sue, I also am planning to go to Tassie this year, It will take years for it to regrow in the bush fire areas, but there are plenty of other places not yet affected. Their tourism will need our help. We are being affected in Queensland now, very strong winds, hope no idiots start any fires.

  2. Dont change your plans !!!. Tassie certainly has some problems especially near Hobart and the east coast but its a stunning place to visit. Incredible mountains, beaches and not many people. It’s the coolest place in AUS during summer. Here it was 45 deg. C last week and will probably hit 40’s again next week…typical summer.

  3. My Mum and Dad are flying over on Saturday to visit her sister who lives only 1 hours drive from the fires in mainland Australia, inland from Melbourne….we are all a little worried …..hope it’s all under control soon.

  4. Over here in New Zealand our thoughts are very much with our Australian cousins. I hear some of our firefighters are coming over. I wish we could do more to help. We are praying for you

  5. I too was reading about the fires in the news this morning. If you can help out by spending a few tourist dollars it sounds like a good thing. And I’m sure there amazing sights throughout Tasmania.

  6. It doesn’t seem appropriate to ‘like’ the post. But I agree your visit is more important now than ever. Safe trip.

  7. Thank you for this post, it really makes me think just how lucky I am. A few years ago this part of Portugal had so many fires and we were all on alert to make a get away should the need arise. Luckily we weren’t affected. My heart and my prayers go out to all those people who are having to deal with these terrible fires and my hope is that all the missing are found alive and well.

  8. Bless you for still going, and for letting us know about what is going on there. Just awful to think of the suffering, heartache, pain and devastation. I pray many of the missing are found, and hopefully alive!
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  9. Thanks for the update. I have been watching notes from my FB friends to hear what is happening. I remember the terrible fires from living there and hope people are ok. Be safe.

    • Australia is such a vast country. And the environment and nature and hot dry summers adds to the fuel mix. Controlled burn offs are either ineffective at reducing leaf litter or adversely affect the fauna and flora. It is not an easy thing. There you have the idiot arsonists….

  10. Saw it on the news last night – terrible … and it happens so often there down under and even in US every year – devastating news. Had some really bad fires the last few summers too in Spain and 2 years in the row in Greece. Thankful for our rain we had for weeks now. Feel so for the people and all animals it that all caught up in this. I think you have to follow your heart – if going or not – and your common sense.

  11. It must be frightening. My long-time friend who lived in Melbourne used to tell me about the bush fires there – she used to be involved in making sandwiches etc for the firefighters.

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  13. Summer and Australia burns … Usually as a result of arsonists -.- … I lived 2 years in Launceston … 25 yrs ago. The north of Tasmania is stunning. Definitely visit Cradle Mtn .. The beaches are beautiful too…

  14. Fire is so devastating . Here’s hoping the situation eases and it can be brought under some control .
    They will need much help to restablish themselves and the environs.

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