Thirsty Thursday

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Temperatures rocketed today and despite it being school holidays and quiet the trains were predictably delayed possibly due to melting railway lines – one would have thought that they would have resolved this issue by now considering how hot it gets in Australia!  However it does make a change to the English version which is leaves on the line!    Anyway I decided to walk home from the station rather than wait in the heat with a 100 grumpy, hot sticky and hungry commuters  – good exercise and all that.  Stupid idea I now have a red face and and drinking a tone of cold water to rehydrate.    I did the same thing that this bird is doing when I walked in the door ie stuck my head under an icy cold shower – bliss!


21 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday

  1. Great photo – I agree about the train lines. What is wrong with Australian rail lines? You don’t hear of them buckling in other hot countries.

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  3. Hello there
    40c here in Melbourne today – took me all my time to walk to the washing line. There’s no way I’d have gone near a train even if you paid me to!

    Love that photo – just looking at it make sme feel cooler

    Take care

  4. It’s a wonderful photograph and a great segue story! I remember that hot, the hot of feeling as though you’re actually in the furnace of the train engine (that’s back when we had coal burning furnaces powering trains!). I remember just walking into the shower and turning on the tap – shoes, uniform and all … 🙂

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