The Week that Was

banos (19)

This week has been a C O W  of a week.  After finally throwing off a 2 week virus I returned to work and boy has it been busy.

isabella,cotopaxi,latacunga 046  I started off the week fresh, and vibrant

isabella,cotopaxi,latacunga 077

The sun finally came out and it was hot hot hot for at least a couple of days

banos (15)

But now I’m exhausted

isabella,cotopaxi,latacunga 212

and need to do a lot of

isabella,cotopaxi,latacunga 234 isabella,cotopaxi,latacunga 172 isabella,cotopaxi,latacunga 231 isabella,cotopaxi,latacunga 226

And I’m starting right now with a G&T and a curry!

have a good weekend everyone 🙂

Pictures taken in Ecuador – Banos


34 thoughts on “The Week that Was

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog it gave me the perfect opportunity to visit yours and it is fabulous. Your blog name definitely doesn’t suit you, I didn’t know what to expect, but I am very very impressed and glad I dropped by. Your photos are terrific!

  2. I can relate to you about the virus. My wife and I have been down with the flu virus for a few week. Today is the first post that I posted in several weeks. Hope you get to feeling better Jim

  3. Hope you’re feeling much better! Enjoyed these photos, especially the ones of javelinas….it’s always fun to watch them. Last week I saw a small group of them clambering up a steep rocky embankment.

  4. Since yesterday, here in Jakarta, most of the town is flooding. Even the Presidential Palace’s garden is full of water. And the problems were yesterday our President had to meet with President of Argentina and later with Prime Minister of Japan. The sky is dark, the water is high and I am feeling low, knowing that thousands of people have to move out of their homes, seeking refuge somewhere else. I am lucky that I live on higher ground, but I feel so miserable to know many people are so unlucky. And the rains continue to pour, sometimes for days, until end February. But, some Chinese people here say that much rains before the Chinese New Year (February 9) bring good fortune. (sigh).

    • Very worrying – flooding seems to happen all over the world these days – despite the bush fires raging in Australia we still have areas that are being flooded – thinking of you and your people

  5. Enjoy your Cooling Thirst Quencher and the other Bear oops Bare Necessities of Life lala Sue 😉 have a great week-end !
    Snow falling as I type …..

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