Ham and Cheese Toasted Sandwich Please

I feel I need to share my recent experience with the restaurant/cafe in our hospital.   I don’t normally buy anything from there because it is a) expensive and b) takes a long time to be served.  But yesterday hunger pangs had set in by tea break and I needed sustenance.

“Yes Love?”

“Cheese and Ham Toasted Sandwich Please”


“Cheese and Ham Toasted Sandwich Please”



“White Bread?”

“Yes Please”

“No, What bread?”


“What would you like on it?”


The ham was put on

“Anything Else?”


“Do you want that toasted?”


“That will be $4.50”

By the time we had acted out this little performance and I had waited for the toasting period my tea break was over.   Next time I’ll bring my own.

34 thoughts on “Ham and Cheese Toasted Sandwich Please

  1. If you can get your hands on Istvan Orkeny’s “More One Minute Stories,” there’s one that perfectly mirrors your experience here, about a man trying to rent some items at Lake Balaton, in Hungary. Hilarious.

  2. Soooo funny – great way to start my Wednesday morning in a little channel island! Have had many experiences like @dearrosie in my other home in phoenix. Water causes the blank stare unless you drop that ‘t’.

  3. I know what you went through. When we lived in Texas the servers at our local bakery couldn’t understand my accent every time I’d ask for a loaf of “herb bread”. I tried saying “Herb” “Erb” “HERB”… I still don’t know how to say it.

  4. Very funny, thankfully she didn’t ask you what type of cheese or ham you wanted, otherwise you may not have gotten back to work at all…………..!

  5. OMG, that is too funny. I can see this happening all over the palace, especially in those little weird cafes you wish you’d never walked into… If you took your own and asked them to toast it, what would they say, and still charge you $4.50?

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