Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park – Part 11 of A Taste of Tasmania


Honey toned, orange tipped, butter yellow, glowing green lowlands frame towering craggy capped mountains.   Tinkly cascades flow into luminous rivers surrounded by lush fern fronded forests splashed with amber mosses and vibrant orange fungi.   It is hard to believe that anyone would want to despoil this area , tear down ancient trees for logging and then flood the damaged land with water and create  a dam.  But they did.    Many people fought for the forest and rivers right to survive intact, the world heard about it and joined in and eventually it was classified as a World Heritage listed park.

This  is an outstanding area of natural beauty and  the pictures speak volumes – more than I can ever articulate

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57 thoughts on “Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park – Part 11 of A Taste of Tasmania

  1. I believe that if one wants to see what a country really looks like, look at photos from a good photographer. I have been back and forth across the United States for 15 years in our motor homes. I’ll probably never get to were you are, but now I have a good idea what I’ll be missing. Thank you for all your photos

  2. This is absolutely magical… the colours outstanding… there is just something special in the way you have shown this in your photos… thank you…

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous. I have been to Tasmania. I was only there for a day and did the touristy things. I wish that I could have seen this. I did enjoy a street market with the locals, what a beautiful area to live!!!

  4. Thank god for people power, to lose such a beautiful and pristine area to “progress” would be a sacrilege. Your photos have captured the beauty and amazing colours I can hardly wait to visit Tassie.

  5. What fantastic shots! I love the lowlands picture, the gold and the blue and the depth of perceptions. You are a great photographer. Thanks for taking me along, I feel like I’m there!

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