So Your on Holiday and I’m Closed, Suck it up! Part 14 A Taste of Tasmania.


Whilst travelling around Tasmania I became addicted to the local radio.  Apart from learning about Blaze Aid and where the bush fires where,  I gained a little insight into the minds of  Tassie residents who appeared not to be too bothered about making a buck or too when opportunity knocked.

Take the 600 cyclists plus 1,500 entourage who were doing a week’s tour around part of the state.   Kerrr Ching …… one would have thought.  The radio presenter posed two  questions

“Were business owners  doing enough to accommodate a group this size?” and others like it,  and

“could we do more?” such as  opening up on bank holiday to cater for the cyclists needs.

The callers were not keen – A local member for the commerce and tourist industry seemed more concerned about the windy weather and one restaurant owner in Bichino said she “needed a rest” – seriously? I was there before the horde descended and it was dead.  Of course, it could have been June in which case she might have been harkening back to a teeming season many years before (see previous post on Bicheno).  Anyway the bottom line was no one seemed willing to give up their day of rest despite the fact that tourist season is  short and they would be able to hibernate for months and not miss out on a single sale.

I give you another example.  Hobart hosted a 7 day wooden boat festival and the last day of the show fell on a Monday Bank Holiday.  One lady,  I met over a dozen oysters, said to me as she cast a dirty look at her husband,  “there’s only so many wooden boats you can look at”  and although 15,000 visitors to the show clearly disagreed with her the shop owners of city of Hobart obviously concurred – as they all shut down.   Madness.

So for those of you who are thinking of a trip to Tasmania,  don’t expect any special treatment, don’t expect anything to be open after 9.00pm and businesses will close during the day if the social calendar is marked – Tasmanians clearly have different priorities and if you don’t like it…….. well as the Australians so delicately say, “suck it up”.


19 thoughts on “So Your on Holiday and I’m Closed, Suck it up! Part 14 A Taste of Tasmania.

  1. Something similar happened to us in Western Australia, way down on the southern tip in Augusta where we stopped overnight. We went to the one and only pub for a meal in the evening and were settling down with a bottle of aussie red when the barman asked us to leave as they were closing. It was not even 9 pm! OK the bar was a little quiet, (this was winter and it was raining) but still! Anyway we retreated to our B&B room and finished off the wine there in our tumblers. Why is it wine never tastes the same in a tumbler? We still get a smile out of the memory, 10 years later 🙂

  2. Why not have our hard earned holiday and not have to be open 24-7 for the scraps cashed-up big city folk might throw our way! I’m sorry you found this frustrating about our beautiful little island. But if it’s all about shopping and eating than I think you’ve missed the mark! Though I know we have great food and we promote it a lot! I’m sorry you didn’t find a friendly Tasmanian to show you around as we are generally a pretty friendly bunch, or so I have been told on numerous occasions from interstate and overseas travellers! Maybe you didn’t travel north? Very sad to read your post 😦 Thank you for visiting my blog! Cheers!

    • Hi Nonewome – sorri to read that you misinterpreted my post – English sense of humour way too ironic- if you read down a little I think you will find that I actually like the idea.

  3. Puts me in mind of a sign in restaurant window in Taormina, Sicily, informing patrons that the owner’s niece was getting married in Syracuse (about an hour’s drive away), and that he’d be back to reopen in three weeks. Clearly the Sicilians work on a different time frame.

  4. I suppose there is a moral difference between opening up on your holiday to make money from an incursion of visitors and opening to provide them a service and make them welcome. Whichever might be the motivation in Tasmania, we will never know!

  5. I’m really enjoying your trip around Tasmania. We toured Tasmania with American friends who were living in Canberra. They were familiar with some of the shop scheduling, so maybe that’s why they rented for us a series of small apartments as we traveled throughout Tasmania. The theory was that we could always fall back on whatever we had in the fridge. Luckily we never found any restaurants closed, because we didn’t stock the kitchen very well.

  6. When i was younger I would never miss out on an opportunity to make an extra buck. These days I’m all about experiences and will gladly take a day off with pay rather than work it for double time.

  7. Good for the Tassies. Going against the capitalist grain. We are so driven here in UK that everyone is burnt out, angry and mostly self centred in the effort to survive it. I’d go with the laid back approach every time so long as the bills are met 🙂

  8. Can so relate to your post. I think it might be island mentality- I live on a small island in the English Channel most of the year and change is a dirty word for a lot of locals. The philosophy is if you don’t like it then go elsewhere. Would love to visit Tasmania some day – will make sure we eat early.

  9. Ha, having lived in Qld for seven years, they do exactly the same there, so it’s not just us Taswegians that do this. Actually, pretty sure it happens in a lot of places.

    • wish it happened in Melbourne – I think its a great philosophy – Greece of course is the best – they break for 2 hour lunches, have almost 3 months of holidays. Stat and earned. Of course they do party until the late hours. 🙂

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