Cheese and Ham Toastie Please 2 – The Sequel

Today I got hungry, decided to play devils advocate and order a cheese and ham toasted sandwich from our restaurant.    Now after the last debacle of trying to obtain simple food at my workplace (see previous post) and my subsequent rant at lunch to the girls about the stress levels, time consumed and large amount of money it cost to procure a cheese and ham toastie, Jilly had a light bulb moment,  we came up with a plan and ‘The Breakfast Club’ was formed.   The Department has a toasting machine so all we had to do is remember to buy the basics each week.  Cardboard bread, plastic cheese, cheap ham, a tub of marg and voila  for the cost of one single toastie from the restaurant we could feed a department.  We decided to start next week,  me being the first person to buy the food. But that is next week and I got hungry today.   My colleague, Alycea,  was suffering the same pangs and accompanied me to the counter:-

Sue:   “Cheese and ham toastie on white bread with marg please”

Server:     “OK love” (makes the sandwich)     “Would you like it toasted or as it is?”

Sue:   “TOASTED please”.

It all seemed to be going quite well at this stage.

Server puts sandwich in toaster.    “That will be 5 dollars”

Sue holds out money and server walks off,   comes back a bit later, ignores the money and says “Yes Love?” to Alycea

Alycea:  “Cheese and ham toasted sandwich on Rye with Marg please…….  oh and extra cheese please”

Server creates sandwich ” do you want that toasted?”

Alycea:   “YES please”

Sometime later server retrieves one of the toasted sandwiches, wraps it up and skims it across the glass counter to Alycea.

Server ” That will be $5.50″  Alycea pays.

Sue:  ” Is that your sandwich or mine?”

Alycea: “I dont know but it could be yours” – we check the sandwich

Sue:  “Why have you just paid for my sandwich and why has she charged you 5.50 when she told me it was 5.00”

Alycea “because I has extra cheese”.

Sue:  “Yes but that’s my sandwich so it should be 5.00”.  Deep sighs from both of us

Sue:  “Hello, excuse me miss you ‘ve just charged my friend for my sandwich and you told me it was 5 and asked for 5.50.

Server:  “But she had extra cheese”

Sue:   ” Yes, but this is my sandwich and I didnt have extra cheese”

Server: “Oh I thought you were together”

We all look very confused at this point because it’s getting too hard.

Sue decides to practise her conflict, negotiation and resolution skills  “look don’t worry, just take my 5 for my sandwich then Alycea has paid for her sandwich already”

Smiles of relief all round  and I head off to have a tea break with the rest of the team whilst Alycea waits for her food.

Team members look at the wrapped sandwich and wait expectantly for an update

Sue:  “I just cant’ talk about it right now”  nods of understanding from all present

Alycea walks in some time later, throws sandwich on the table in disgust and says “When the hell are we starting this Breakfast club?”

Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not alone!


10 thoughts on “Cheese and Ham Toastie Please 2 – The Sequel

  1. Bring on the breakfast club!!! “I thought you were together” can one person be s dumb? Actually, forget I asked that question.

  2. i am LOVING these vignettes!!!! have been working late b/c that’s the only time the internet connection is fast enough for stress-free commenting/uploading,etc, and now i’m going to sleep! great finale for me day! thanks!!!z

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