The Meltemi Wind


I’m learning to read the weather here.  From the window I can see white caps surfing across the cobalt Aegean Sea and I know it’s going to be another breezy day.

Down at the beach high foamed waves rear and with stone clattering crashes surge into the shore, suctioning  bathers  and slickened stones  backwards in their wake before rushing forward and spitting them back out.   Pebble-dashed swimmers stagger back to their towels, some bleeding where sharp edges have sliced through skin.  I choose to bake in the sun treating questions such as “going in then?” with a suitable look of horror, deciding to use the wind to my advantage and let it cool my hot skin.

The Meltemi  has come early this year, so people in the know say.  Normally arriving in August,  it swept in pre-July  blustering around the mountains, sharply  cracking flags in its wake and creating a surfers beach out of the usual still glass waters.

This does not bode well for our new purchase which, after years of discussion and wanting, now puffs out,  threatening to take off from the terrace roof top sun space and head towards the heavens, sans Mary Poppinesque style .  It is more of a marquee than an umbrella.  We looked at a 4m wide and 5 meter wide parasol,  75 and 85 euros respectively, and they seemed a tad on the small side compared to the terrace space.  Cosy is the word that comes to mind when I looked at them .   Then, I spied an opened creamy canopy, rectangular in shape, wide and roomy, anchored by a  50 kilogram base with leather tooled edges  for strength – it was perfect.  How much do you think that costs?  I asked Gary, Mitch’s cousin.  He asked and I misheard the reply thinking he said 400 euros and turned my mind back to 85 euros ready to compromise.   Luckily Gary and I had another conversation and we clarified that the mother of umbrellas only cost 100 euros – discount because it was slightly damaged and delivery was free.  I looked at backward and forward between the measly hexagonal umbrella to this creamy confection  of shady promise – there was no contest.         Now I’m waiting for a calm day when I can sit in the shade, sipping a beer, overseeing a spectacular view without a countdown to take off.



23 thoughts on “The Meltemi Wind

  1. What an awesome deck. I can just imagine sitting out there in the morning and having a couple cups of coffee, Then in the evening having a Bourbon and Water.

  2. What a super bargain for this sun-umbrella – wish I could find this here!
    The photograph of the beach/sea is absolutely lovely – I too can smell the salt and want to go and pick up pebbles to take home. But then your blue chairs – fantastic. Here I can only get the standard ones, white, brown, beige, orange and yuck, yuck, yuck. Had great trouble finding some nice black ones a year ago to match with a certain colour scheme – and finally found them at bargain price, since nobody wanted black. Now your blue chairs match my lounge cushions ……oh yes, we can not have everything. 🙂 Carina

  3. That umbrella looks perfect in your terrace. Your umbrella might take flight though if you have the Meltemi. I remember they cancelled my ship to go to Mykonos when they had it.

  4. Beautiful photos and writing. I love your descriptions of the photos. You are very lucky to have such a gorgeous view. I hope that your canopy does not take flight!! 😉

  5. What a view … you have – both photos are fantastic … love the pebble beach, just like in Nice and Brighton. Tough to get out from the water on. Where are you ?????? Have missed many posts of yours. My mom passed away.
    I tell you it has been terrible windy up here too – even if the it has been very nice weather … everyday nearly. Climate change.

  6. I love the look of the ocean, a lovely blue, and your decks looks like a great place to watch the sun down, albeit I would have cropped out the dirty ashtray (details details).
    Very descriptive writing, and lovely blog.

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