Chillin at Hippys


Nestled at the basin of a river gorge, fields of sweet ripened tomatoes,  rows of stalked yellow corn and vegetable plots stretching backwards to the multi hued green mountains towering above, lies Hippys restaurant and beach bar.   Down a small pathway, past thriving fertile land and vibrant knee high flowers of neon  orange, pink and mauve.  A swathe of bright yellow faced  sunflowers swaying to the tinkling music of a pond opens out onto a vine covered white trellised dining area.

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Walk past the homemade marmalade,  artfully arranged to tempt on a small plain white table and the traditional wooden wine cast advertising the Samian product.  Pass through the typically Greek taverna tables and straw seat covered chairs arranged between the bright whitewashed pillars and skilfully created circular tables made from electrical wire wheels.    Head around the corner of the building and walk past the beach bar onto the beach and find a shaded spot on a bed under the bamboo thatched roof shelters.

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Many years ago a young Greek man and his wife decided to open up a simple taverna on the edge of the beach at the front of their land.   It was a simple, provided good food and friendly atmosphere and became the regular hang out for backpackers and travellers many, who at that time free camped along the river.

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The taverna became known for its laid back atmosphere and attracted free spirits, thus those that frequented the joint nicknamed the eatery ‘Hippys’.  Today, the vibe, food and welcome is still as good and many of the original clients return year after year and bring their friends and family with them.  It is a good place to be.


24 thoughts on “Chillin at Hippys

  1. That looks divine. I can barely see 10 meters out my window right now through all the blowing snow. I’m definitely ready to leave the Antarctic winter behind and go somewhere like Greece… Thanks for sharing!

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