When the Swimming Pool came to the rescue – Somewhere in Andalucia


We were staring into our coffee cups miserably contemplating yet another day without a shower when the plumbing started to knock and groan.

“The water’s back on again”  I shouted in excitement  to my sister, who looked a little stunned at the volume, as I happened to be sitting next to her.    All previous inertia disappeared  as we flew into action in the race to fill fifteen empty 8 litre  bottles of washing and drinking water before being cut off again.

We had been in Andalusia 7 days and the water supply had been sporadic.  After arriving home from the airport,  cleaning up the flooded house and  finally grabbing some sleep  we woke up the next day to find the water cut off again.   Only having  a couple of litres of drinking water in the fridge and knowing that shops close down for the weekend we considered our options.  The swimming pool could be used for flushing but not a lot else and there was a danger that if we used too much of it filters and other technical stuff would go to hell.   So we headed to the supermarket and packed as much bottled water as we could into the car and it was a good move too as :-

Saturday and Sunday   – no water

Monday – the water came on at 11.30 at which a mad rush ensued to have showers, do the washing,  laundry and refill empty bottles and,of course, the pool. It got cut off again at 2.30pm

Tuesday  –  water came on at 9.30am and went off at 11.30pm – ditto above action

Wednesday   –  no water

Thursday – no water and to add insult to injury there was a massive 4 hour thunder-storm at night which cut the electricity so all desperate thoughts of having a shower a la fresco were banished as we stumbled around in the dark for candles.

Friday supply fully restored – and has not gone off since – touch wood.

Thank goodness for the swimming pool – we swam in to keep clean, we used the water to flush toilets, the cats for some reason drank from it despite having fresh water (any ideas? Because it beats me!) and it kept us from checking into a hotel just so we could have a shower.

Trying to get the problem fixed of course was another issue because no one we spoke to wanted to take responsibility for the problem.   The owner  didn’t know what was going on, his agent told us to speak to the builders as the house was only ‘semi-legal’ because the local government had ignored directives from state government about not building on the land and he didn’t know who was responsible for the supply.   So we paid a visit to the builders to see if we could get some clarity on the subject.  They were closed and a piece of paper posted on the door said “gone on holiday back in 5 days”.  Coincidence? I wonder!

We polled the neighbours to see if any of them could shed some light on the situation.  But they all own their  houses, have learnt from previous experience and installed water tanks so hadn’t been troubled by the absence of water.  In fact Bob, very kindly offered us the use of his shower.

It’s been a week now since the last cut but we have 100 litres of water tucked away just in case and of course, the pool which I have learnt to maintain and clean on a daily basis because you never know when we may need it to come to the rescue again.



25 thoughts on “When the Swimming Pool came to the rescue – Somewhere in Andalucia

  1. Water and power. You don’t realized just how dependent you are until one of them – or both – is taken away. We had a situation in June where half the province was under disaster watch (see my post Aftermath for the whole story). I filled every container with water and thought about filling the bathtub. Fortunately, I also have two rain barrels (for the garden) but was ready to use them for the toilets. Thank goodness for the pool!

  2. I do sympathise with your water problems as our water often gets cut off in Turkey but a reserve water tank isn’t always a good idea as we found to our cost when we got home late on Friday night. After a night out with friends we were greeted by the sound of running water. The stop cock in the tank had stopped working thus allowing gallons more water to pour into the tank and thence over the top and flooded the entire basement of our house. Carpets, hubby’s laptop, boxes and boxes of books and craft magazines all got soaked. At least the weather is good enough to be able to leave things outside to dry off but I think most of the magazines will have to be binned. That will teach me to de-clutter!

  3. Lol! Great story, Sue! It’s funny how we can take the basics for granted, like water, and only when we’re deprived of it, outside of our comfort zone, that something like this feels like an epic adventure. Gorgeous photos, as usual!

  4. Gorgeous photographs. I sympathise with your lack of water. Several winters ago when it was exceptionally cold here our incoming water supply pipe froze five days before Christmas. Luckily an understanding neighbour let us have buckets of water and let us wash the turkey in her sink. We left heaters on under the sink and kept fingers crossed for a thaw. As we finished our turkey dinner on Christmas evening I heard a noise – a faint trickle. The water was thawing. My bath the next day was a wonderful experience.

  5. I feel your pain. That happened to me several times when I lived in Mexico. Usually, it lasted hours. But one time it did last for 2 days. Thank goodness for friends with showers 🙂 And of course the beach.!

  6. Gorgeous photos, feel like I could dive into that pool…. I keep water bowls all over the house for the cats but where do they prefer to drink? Out of the bathtub… or worse!

  7. So life in the Spanish sun is not all that it is cracked up to be! But that sunset and that pool make up for (some) of it. As for cats, ‘fickle creatures’ is most appropriate 🙂
    Enjoying travelling with you 🙂
    Jude xx

  8. poor you! Have lived in places like that – no electricity (and no generator either) for days on end, water very sporadicly – so I know what you went through. And what is your cat drinking now? Maybe the pool water tasted better??? Carina 🙂

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