If I had a choice of whether to live in Seville or Barcelona I would plump for Seville every time.  Seville has charm, a young vibe, historic buildings, green parks and amazing plazas.  The people are friendly, the cafe culture happening and the food reasonable and good (on the whole).   Barcelona is expensive (think 18 euros for each Gaudi building as an entrance fee, on the whole the people I encountered were rude and unhelpful and the food average and expensive.   Although Barcelona has historic buildings it costs to get in so take a lot of dosh with you if you plan to stay here.  I’m sure others have better experiences than me and it didn’t help that it was independence day when I arrived, but we were ripped off on several occasions, being a little wiser we asked for prices when they were not forthcoming and the waitress/waiter would walk off and not come back again, so be warned it pays to check out the lonely plant/trip advisor sites for good places to eat.

Anyway it was an experience so here are some pictures of seville.

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23 thoughts on “SEVILLE AND BARCELONA – spain

  1. Your images are so magazine worthy pics!!! Yeah, I would pick Sevilla every time. I love how the tourist sites are all close together. This post brings bavk so many memories.

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  3. Great images – makes me want to go back.

    Added attraction of Seville is that it is the cycling capital of the South of Spain, the city centre is traffic calmed, lots of bike lanes and you can roll around all the attractions on the city hire bikes.

  4. Thank you for the travelling tips. If I were given a choice between the two cities I would have probably chosen Barcelona, only because the name is more familiar to me. Nothing is more off putting than rude people and high prices for tourist attractions. I experienced some high prices in Dublin this summer but the people were extremely friendly and there were lots of attractions that were free. Beautiful pictures and Seville looks like a great future travelling destination.

  5. I definitely need to return to Seville – only had a day trip there from the Algarve several years ago, and it does look like a lovely city to have a long weekend break in. Did you see the ‘mushroom’ aka Metropol Parasol? A modern structure but equally as stunning as the old stuff.

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