Dolphin Watching – Zanzibar

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It was 6.30 am, the rain was sheeting down as the boat headed out from the fishing village on the peninsular.  The sky was grey, black clouds roiled above us and we were soaked and cold.

“Good weather for Dolphins” our captain announced as the boat jumped a wave and landed back on the water with a thump.

Suddenly we were surrounded by a pod.  Fins, tails, snouts flashed by.

“Jump”  James shouted and 5 bodies fell into the water.  I stayed in the boat.  This pattern continued for about an hour as we followed the pod and whilst the others swam with the Dolphins I watched from above.  Juveniles surfed the waves towards us, adults jumped out of the water, mothers and babies surfaced for air, tails flipped and dolphins skimmed the waves.  They moved so fast that taking pictures in the choppy water was impossible.  Despite the weather and despite the fact I trod on a sea urchin getting back out of the boat when we landed (thank you James for your local lore on young papya juice to draw the spines out – it worked a treat) it was an amazing experience.


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