A TANZANIAN SAFARI – Tarangire National Park. Part one

The lions coughed in the dark to each other, hyenas pinged and the elephants got a little too close for comfort  as we ate our dinner at the campsite.  Five tents in the national park surrounded by bush  and nothing else, and yet I still slept well.   

We had set off with our driver Armani and our cook Lunchbox heading towards Tarangire National Park on the start of a 5 day safari that morning.  Passing towns, villages and dry dusty landscapes.  Catching glimpses of the Massi herding cattle we had finally arrived mid afternoon at our first destination.


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Driving to the park we saw a lot of village life and some massi.

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Waiting at the park entrance whilst our driver sorted out camping permits, entrance fees and park insurance we were immediately treated to a troop of monkeys and multi-coloured birds hopping around.

1p 1q 1s

We went for a drive leaving the cook to set up camp and prepare some food.

3i 1u 1z 2b 2c 2i 2m 2p 2r 3b 3g 3p 5j 3e


26 thoughts on “A TANZANIAN SAFARI – Tarangire National Park. Part one

  1. Fantastic photos! They make me homesick for my Africa! That jakaranda tree! They used to line the streets in my hometown. Your pics are so varied. Great post!

  2. Great shots! I really like the one of the Verreaux’s Eagle Owl. We saw a few of them, too, on our trip to Tarangire in July, but our photos aren’t nearly as nice as yours. Nice going!

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