Images of Africa – Part Two of the Safari

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27 thoughts on “Images of Africa – Part Two of the Safari

  1. Look at those earrings! Wonderful shots of animals but it’s the ones of the people that really grab me. Such bright clothes and all that jewellery. And they live in those surrounding with all these animals. You must have had a terrific time.

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos. We have promised our daughter a trip to Africa for her college graduation; something she has wanted to experience for 4 years now. Real wildlife photos and culture of the people. Wondering, did you have the chance to talk with any natives on your trip? Did you use a guide or tour group?

    • Hi Nikki,
      We went with a tour operator and normally the driver is the spotter, unfortunately some are not very good so it pays to research and email operators for prices and itineraries. Most offer 6 nights , 7 days, but you can do it in 4/5 dce saw everything bar a rhino. It is best to stay in the parks if camping as early starts mean you get a better c.hance of seeing game than if you stay outside, some operators only camp outside the parks to cut costs. There are opportunities to go to a massi village but its costs about 20 dollars each. The serengetti i s full of massi villages, they will come to the vehicle when you stop

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