Winter Woollies and Wellies


Counting the months since I posted last, I realize that time has moved faster than I realized.   Winter in Melbourne has been grey, cold and wet. Snow on the beaches, wild bitter winds that topple trees, hail damaged cars, tropical downpours – but worst of all –  skies blanketed with charcoal edged storm clouds that blot out the sun.   My body deprived of warmth aches inside out, flu is rife, sick leave is up and it’s hard to be cheerful in this sunshine deprived city.   Like England, the main topic of conversation has been the weather.  Like England, winter woollies, wellies, thermals, hats, scarves and gloves are being layered on as the population rugs up.  Unlike England, the majority of us shiver in our brick and weather board houses with little or no heating or draft proofing.    Arriving home from an office environment akin to the outer Hebrides on a  blustery day because we cant turn the air conditioning off, I don a beanie, scarf, thick dressing gown, ugg boots and switch the money eating electric heater on.    Never has cooking a meal seemed so appealing as it is an opportunity to soak up some of the heat given off by the oven and hobs.  Sadly, I find myself reminiscing about my centrally gas heated house in the UK, remembering times I looked out on icy white streets snug and toasty indoors in nothing but shorts and teeshirt.  Damm I miss radiators.



22 thoughts on “Winter Woollies and Wellies

  1. Sounds and looks dismal!
    Beginning Sept. 10, the Kirra Gallery in Melbourne is hosting an event called Flame On Glass 2015, which is an exhibit/demonstration of glass artists. My son, Dominic, who currently lives in Gladstone, is heading to Melbourne to participate. If you attend one of the demonstrations, the artists will be using torches, so I guarantee you will be warm!

    I can forward a picture of the brochure to you by e-mail if you would like.

  2. After a few days in Australia I have a better appreciation of your post. Another of the joys of poor building standards is the sweltering heat of summer where many houses provide litte relief. Australia is never the less a great place

  3. Welcome back Sue. I wondered what happened to you. Sorry to hear that you’ve been under the weather (literally). I also never think of Melbourne has being so chilly and without proper heating. Keep warm and keep posting. Are you going to continue with your challenges?

  4. Welcome back, Skinny Wench. Your photo at the top of the page is amazing. Fan heaters? Convector heaters? In England, we all have these things for when the boiler breaks down… usually at the weekend, or on a Bank Holiday. Hope it warms up for you soon.

  5. That doesn’t sound like nice weather at all! I live in Minnesota land of extreme temps both hot and cold. However despite our cold winters it is almost always sunny and imsubshine to me makes an enormous difference. As we head into fall and yet another long winter I will remember to enjoy our hot and humid weather. Good to read a post from you!

  6. Especially chilly this year – I have been commuting back and forth from Kuala Lumpur all winter and got caught a few times stepping of the plane in Melbourne in shorts to a chilly Melbourne day.

  7. Growing up Melbourne, I would agree that most houses are poorly built, insulation wise. I thought they were fairly well heated these days. I live in the rural outskirts and yes, my house can be damn cold because bottle gas is so expensive and I rely on heat pumps and wood. Today has been a nice sunny day, but don’t be fooled!

  8. Yes, it has been a miserable and freezing winter here in Melbourne, I agree. I’m lucky enough to have a fully heated house, but I have to go out to work most days by public transport: train stations are always windy and cold, with little shelter! And indoors at work, it’s often over-heated and stuffy. I too am recovering from the flu: my first real flu in more than 20 years. Can’t wait for spring!

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