Return to Samos Island, Greece


For those of you who are familiar with my love of Samos Island and have read my posts  or book about the many characters and life on the island  you may be pleased t0 hear that I am returning.   It may seem a strange choice at this time but our friends, family and people of the island are doing it tough at the moment and they help (see my facebook page for updates) Our house and self contained unit is perched on a hillside in a village with views of Turkey and the sea port and the island




Want to visit the island? Want to sample Greek Cuisine?  Want to see where I live? – for the “Chicken House”




16 thoughts on “Return to Samos Island, Greece

  1. Having just left Lesvos, Greece I can totally see why you love the islands so much! I was there for five weeks of refugee relief work, but would definitely return for holiday time.

  2. Best wishes on your return. It looks like a wonderful place to stay and visit. I’ve been wanting to visit Greece. I will keep this post so I can check it again when I’m ready to come to Greece!

  3. We go to Kos every year 🙂 I love it there! The Greek Islands and the people there are special. Simon and I are doing everything we can to encourage people to holiday in the Greek Islands now. Things may be tough out there but as a holiday maker it doesn’t affect you. Things will only get worse for islanders if tourism dries up! I must read your book 🙂

    • True Sarah – I read a post from a Teacher on Lesbos – heartbreaking – tourism is down by 80% and the locals have been so welcoming of the refugees yet are struggling to feed their own children

      • Yes, it’s dreadful and I blame the media!! Simon Reeves recently did a fantastic series on TV about Greece and started out in Kos at Kastri Island, where Simon and I got married 🙂 It was a brilliant documentary but no matter how many people may have seen it I think the rest of the media coverage of Greeces’ troubles financially and with the refugees has done far too much damage 😦 I worry for many of our friends over there!

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