The House With the Pink Shutters. The River Beach.

Potami (River) Beach is a special place.  Nowhere else on the island can I find such an abundance of different colored stones that line the seashore, shining and glittering in the wash.  Red, orange, green, blue, white, black, grey,  umber, pale or bold, patterned or plain. They are like sirens.  Calling to me each time I visit the beach to admire their unique beauty and shape, tempting me to pick them and treasure them. I select, discard and store for hours and I see others, all under the same spell, doing the same.

Over the years friends and family staying in the house have left piles of these stones in corners of shelves and I have added to the mass, imagining one day that I would create wonderful things that showcase the patterns, colors and shapes. For years I have dreamed and this year I decided it was time.  I taught myself to wrap the stones with silver plated wire and waxed cotton.  I follow the shape of the stone so every piece is unique.


It must be something that many of my friends and family have also wanted to do over the years as now I have a bunch of them regularly handing me river beach stones that they like and think would look good in a setting.   The piles continue to grow!

Recently Gramataki, my neighbor, came up to the house to skype with our relatives in Australia.  She spotted my work bench and wanted to know what I was doing.  Later in the week, as we headed out, she called us over and showed us some small orange oval objects  that she wanted wire wrapped and put on a pendent for her grandchildren to wear.    They are fish eyes she informed us after I had agreed.  From a big fish she added.  They look like fossil shells  I said  but she was adamant.   Ah well I thought this is my first commission and  I’m sure they are not eyes, but I have to admit to  smelling fish as I wrapped them.   When I presented the finished pendents Gramataki was so happy that she gave me  another two to make and a fish eye for myself.

Luckily these additional items were identified as shell by a friend and we googled and found out they are called the eye of the sea by the Greeks.  Something must have got lost in our translation either that or she was having a big laugh at my expense!

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