The House With The Pink Shutters – The Potter. Samos Island Greece.


As we dont have transport it is a treat to be offered a trip out to other parts of the island and yesterday our friends from Sweden hired a car and wanted to go to Manolatis to purchase some gifts before they went home.  We all like walking so we decided to park the car at the bottom of  the valley and walk up via the vine yards and gardens on the hillside.   What amazed us was that despite the hot summer, the rivers were running freely and there was still a lot of greenery even though Autumn was setting in.    We set off past the honey farm – Samos honey is renowned and very tasty

img_7717and little kalivis

img_7741 img_7724

one of which was for sale – we considered it!  Through vines yards and gardens, across rivers and past churches

img_7731 img_7722

taking advantage of every photo opportunity

img_7756 img_7737 img_7750

Checking out the local produce growing by the wayside – apples, pomegranites, chestnuts, blackberries, crab apples , wild herbs and grapes.


After walking for 2.5 hours we started to wonder where we had gone astray .  The signs had petered out so trusting our instincts and Tina’s infallible sense of direction we trudged on and then found proof we were on the right track


3 hours and 16 kilometers later we arrived at Lukas taverna in Manolatis- spectacular views and good food.


Now its always dangerous to go shopping after a few beers and suma – but that’s what I did.  We ended  up at the local potter’s shop – a place that i have always admired but never bought from.   Giorgos was a nice guy and we fell into discussing crackle glazing, his cats, life, and so on.  Our friends bought their purchases and I spotted a stunning plate that had couple of small kiln cracks in that he had in his exhibition area.   He told me how much he would normally sell the bowl/plate for and how much he would let me have it for – he almost gave it away – mainly because he said that he hated to throw it out after so much work had gone into it.  As I make jewellery I get this – I loathe throwing out my rejects and hang onto them.  I loved the idea of rescuing this bowl from obscurity so I agreed to pay him the ridiculously low price.     Giorgos then decided to strengthen the small cracks with some glue and whilst we waited for the bowl to dry we popped over the road for a drink.   We were served by a Greek Australian who mentioned that she lived in ‘Footscray’  in Melbourne over 40 years previously.  Mitch and I lived in the same area so we had a good natter and made a new friend.

When the bowl was ready,  Giogos took us all out to his workshop and gave us a brief tour.  Then we spotted his guitar and were treated to a Greek melody.  Mitch played for a while and then we agreed that we had to come back after hours and jam in the square with all the other villagers one night. What an awesome day.  Now we only had to trek back to the car with a huge and heavy bowl that would not fit into our rusk sacks.  Luckily it was only 3 km straight down!


If you would like to read more about my life in Samos and the many wonderful people of the island, I have written an e book called A Samian-Summer-Sue-Llewellyn.

11 thoughts on “The House With The Pink Shutters – The Potter. Samos Island Greece.

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  2. I didn’t know you’d written a book, Sue. I was lured in from the reader by the pottery photo which reminded me so much of long ago holidays in Greece. I don’t have a Samos walk. Can I share this on my Jo’s Monday walk page? 🙂

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