The House with the Pink Shutters. Pirates Ahoy – Walk from Drakei to Potami, Samos Island Greece.


One of my favourite walks on the island is the walk from Drakei village to Potami beach along the coastline of the Samos island.  Drakei is located at the northwest of the island, lying at the foothills of “Kerkis” mountain, surrounded by lush vegetation and sheer drops down to the water.  It has amazing views of the Aegean sea and the islands of Icaria, Fournoi and even Andros and Chios, when the weather permits.


It is the most remote village on the island and the road ends here and only those on foot can continue around the coastline to potami beach taking megalo and micro seintani beaches along the way.     



Megalo Seitani beach is has white sand and turquoise waters.  The landscape has a unique wild beauty and is surounded by green slopes of “Kakoperato” canyon, where nature lovers can explore. Walking along the beach, at the end, you find the church of St. Nicholas which is hanging on the edge of a rock. It is integrated into the protection network Natura 2000 because of the monk seal who come ashore here.   The name comes from the Turkish word “şeytan” that means diavolo, and this because the canyon “Kakoperato” that exists behind the beach, causes strange sounds when it is windy, so the Turks (who used to anchor there during the 19th century) thought that there was the devil, and gave this name to the region.  It is believed that pirates used to anchor in this bay during their raids n the island.


Further along the coast is micro seitani which again is at the bottom of a canyon which can be explored.  Then its uphill through the olive groves and onto the dirt road before heading down to Potami Beach where there is a river, waterfalls and a byzantine church and castle.  Again legend has it that the castle was a look out post for pirates and a safe haven for those living in the area during raids.

There is a weekly local bus that leaves Karlovasi ro Drakeiat 1.30pm on Mondays

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