Save Dogs Like Paleoti and Penelope. The House with the Pinks Shutters. Samos Island Greece.



Our Stray Street Dogs after being cared for and fattened up.

This is a story of two stray dogs.  Paleoti (village dog in Greek) and Penelope were abandoned and turned up in our village on Samos Island, Greece in May 2017 of this year.  They were dirty, starving, and sick.  Villagers and tourists fed the dogs scraps and tried to look after them, however they did not have the money to pay for vet fees, proper dog food or medication.    Both dogs are loving and friendly and have developed a close bond with each other from being on the streets.   We bought the dogs proper dog food to supplement the scraps, provided flea and tick collars, paid for a vet, medication and cared for Paleoti when he became very sick.    By this time Penelope found a home in the village and was being cared for.  We had also become very found of our smiling stray who never stopped wagging his tail, despite being in a lot of pain.  He tolerated my nursing with patience and loving licks. Unfortunately and unexpectedly we had to leave Samos and return to Australia for a number of months, so we attempted to find someone to care for him whilst we were away. A number of people offered but then backed out.  We knew that the animal shelter funded by voluntary contributions and a grant from the council had closed in 2016 and thought there was no place for the many abandoned animals to be taken and cared for.  I was also aware that the illegal killing of unwanted animals ie poisioning/shooting had increased, so was desperate to find a home for Paleoti before we left as I’d been informed by someone that he was going to be ‘got rid’ of when we left.   Now this is where a good fortune and luck comes into the story.  We found a letter posted on a site where  an abused animal had been chained up and rescued, from an organisation call Samos Animal Welfare.  I called and she told me that the shelter had reopened, now run by the council, but was overflowing with strays.   She also told us that a local animal lover had built a dog shelter on his land and was taking in strays.  It was also full, he had 90 dogs in the shelter, but he might be able help.  After a number of phone calls we met with Ilias who gives up his time, with no pay to look after the dogs, and Melanie who raises funds for food and building materials.  They agreed to take the dog and look after him until we returned.  We donated food and money in return for his care.   Paleoti seemed to settle in to the shelter but decided he missed us and his mate Penelope.  He escaped twice – ending up back in the village on our doorstep. We had left by this point but our network found him and he was returned safe and sound.   The shelter needs funds to build and repair kennels, make a secure place for dogs such as Paleoti, who has the gift of an escapologist,  pay for someone to look after the dogs on a full time basis and pay for medication and vets bills. We plan to return to Samos and offer Paleoti a home but there are so many more dogs and animals that need to be cared for.   Can you help?  I have set up a crowd fundraiser at


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