The House with the Pink Shutters. Catch Up . Samos ,Greece.

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Looking back on this blog I realise just how long it has been since I have written about life on the island.  2017 was a busy time for us,  The garden was under development, plans for heating to be installed in the house underway, we were fully booked with friends and guests and visitors in our spare apartment, family and friends were arriving for the summer season and our social calendar was chockablock.

Despite the storm,  the garden was very productive and we had to develop new culinary skills in pickling and preserving.   I decided it was time to learn Greek and blues harmonica.  The first out of necessity, the second a long standing wish.   Also the jewellery design business was beginning to take off and I needed to make more merchandise.

We were planning to stay for Winter but events meant that we had to return to Australia in September 2017.    The house with the pink shutters was closed  up and we returned in 2018 .  The next few blogs will be a catch up until present time .


3 thoughts on “The House with the Pink Shutters. Catch Up . Samos ,Greece.

  1. ha.. lo siento this is nuts! i don’t know what happened to my comment to you, which was ‘welcome back – and ‘blues harmonica/yay! – ‘ and i forget what else now that i am at home and am crossing pages off the browser and see the youtube link… i’ve not seen this movie, but i think it’s probably a good one!!

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