The House with the Pink Shutters. Today My Dog Ate………….



This is Paleoti.  He was abandoned by his last owner and  and became a street dog who lived off scraps the villagers fed him and, I presume , by scavenging.  Just under 2 years ago Paleoti came into our lives when he found his way to our village and hung around the square with his mate Penelope – another abandoned dog.   The dog was always hungry and even when he got very sick from a dog bite on his neck that became infected, he managed to chow down the food we put in front of him.  I will tell the whole story in another blog of how we came to adopt him , but for now  I just want to say that this dog will eat anything and seems to have a cast iron stomach.   So today my dog snacked on  used toilet tissue (not mine I hasten to add) that was  up by the bins, rabbit droppings a dead bird, a green bone that the cats had abandoned, dirt, my potting soil and gravel.  This is in addition to the food we give him twice a day and biscuit treats.   I would love to hear what the worst thing your animal has consumed 🙂

5 thoughts on “The House with the Pink Shutters. Today My Dog Ate………….

  1. When I was newly married, many, many years ago, I lived for a short time in a 14 by 60 ft. mobile home. I had an Irish Setter and a collie, both fairly young. First they ate a bowl that contained Sees candy butterscotch suckers….plastic wrap and cardboard sticks and all. They they ate an entire pan of brownies. The next day they completely destroyed the air-conditioning system and insulation underneath the mobile home, along with eating some of it. We had to move out afterwards. I had another dog later that I’d adopted while living on the Navajo reservation in AZ. Later, I had this dog in CO, and the dog would make regular trips to the local town dump, to chow down.

  2. I think dogs are like goats – they eat just about anything. Maybe it is because dogs eat so fast they never even have time to think about what they’ve eaten – until later, when they throw up! Yuck! Kudos to you for taking in these dogs.

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