Australia is Burning


Our beautiful and very talented relative Melina who is Greek Australian painted this heartbreaking image.  It seems to have touched many people and her post is going viral.  She has given permission for the image to be shared but asks that a donation be made to one of the many charities set up to deal with the crisis.  Her website on face book is called Melina illustrates – if you would like to follow the thread and see the photo /comments/ links to donation sites.

Currently Mitch’s brother and his family, who were trapped on the beach in Malacoota, are still in their car trying to get out and back to Melbourne.  We have friends and family in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and the territories,   We are thinking of you all.  XXXXXXXX

N.B.  Please note the date on the picture should read 2020 not 2019 – already acknowledged by Melina as a mistake.  Something a lot of us do at the beginning of a new year.

15 thoughts on “Australia is Burning

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  2. So sorry that it took me so long to leave a comment, but wow, this art is spectacular and full of emotion. It has been very difficult to watch the news ‘from afar’ – especially when many people in Ecuador still slash and burn and desecrate their landscape. Many who are poor and live close to the earth/farm or have cattle or sell their oranges 100 for a dollar and cannot pay their bills – are probably unaware of what’s happening in other areas of the world.

    One would thank that everyone on the planet would now – finally – pay attention,
    but many still don’t realize this sobering dilemma.

  3. Hello this is so beautiful and a heartbreaking at the same time.. I really hope this ends soon! I will like to reblog this is that ok?

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  7. Thanks Sue, I hope your family gets home safely.. Much love xxx

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