Off the beaten track. Samos revisited – Greece

Potami Beach

If one manages to rouse oneself from the beaches and main towns of Samos Island a  world of crumbling villages, deserted monasterys,  hidden coves, mountain streams and verdant forests awaits.

Kokari Beach

Paleo Harbour – coffee shop with no roof

Sunset view from the island road

Remote beach overlooking Turkey

Village house ready and waiting from regentrification

Down on the beach – amazing what one comes across

Beach bumming

Village back lane

Little kitten

Secret beach


Beachscape.  Does anyone think this looks like a mother nursing a baby?

View from a friends house

Fertile wine growing areas

Arid seascapes

 My love for this island grows the longer I stay away from it

22 thoughts on “Off the beaten track. Samos revisited – Greece

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  3. Absolutely stunning. I am Greek but have never been to Greece. It’s on my bucket list and I made my husband promise me that we would find a way to get there in this lifetime!

  4. Stunning photos of this Greek Island! Brings back good memories for me of Crete, the Greek Island I fell in love with many years ago and have visited often. I miss it so much! But right now, traveling is not in the future…
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. I’m glad you enjoyed my post, A Visit to the Norman Bird Sanctuary.

    Your photographs are beautiful and your stories hilarous! I don’t think I could ever get tired of looking at travel photos like these. You’ve traveled to so many beautiful and interesting places, do you have a favorite? I just graduated college and am hoping to make a trip to Australia or perhaps Germany soon.

  6. I want to visit Greece someday. I am graduating college soon and when I have saved enough money that’s where I want to go. Do you have any travel tips?

    • Greece is a bit of a hot spot at the the economy is shot and everything is either v expensive or cheap depending on where you end up. The islands are stunning and there are still places that are not full of tourists – the mainland is also stunning but I’ve only ever been to Athens. 🙂

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂

    We had some wonderful holidays on Samos many years ago, and have lovely memories of the green island. Our favourite beach was Tsamadou, but it was sometimes very difficult to get there by bus, because many of the bus drivers refused to stop there because it was a naturist beach. We often had to buy our tickets – what an adventure that was, never knowing whether a particular bus driver sold them on the bus, or whether they had to be purchased from the bus ticket office – pretending that we were going further on the island, and then asking the driver to let us off at Tsamadou which they would begrudgingly do. And on the return journey often the bus would sweep past us in a cloud of dust, leaving us to walk to the nearest village. 🙂 Your “secret beach” photo looked quite familiar, I wonder if that is where we used to go?

    And on our final day, when we went to the bus station (behind the church car park), it was no longer a bus station! The buses had been evicted due to non-payment of rent to the church, and nobody knew where they were! After traipsing around for about half an hour we found them tucked away down a small back road, and joined the jostle of locals, chickens and goats for our last journey to Tsamadou.

    Lovely photos, and I look forward to reading more of your travels.

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