Window with a View – Samos,Greece.

View from the window

One of the reasons I  love about living in the house in Paleo Karvalossi in Samos is the view.  Dawn, day or night it never fails to mesmorise.  Although it is the same scenery the everchanging light and weather systems make me look at the details with a fresh eye so that I never tire of gazing out of the windows.    Some days I will just hang around the living room and play guitar, read,  sketch, photograph 0r just look out towards the horizon.


A storm moving over the distant mountains

Pink and golden sunsets light up the village houses

The town’s night lights and moon reflecting into the sea.

But the windows offer more than a scenic beuaty and digital opportunities.  They let in the sound of life.  The fish van playing its loud music up the narrow lanes to announce its arrival, cats fighting, loving or playing in the undergrowth, the ferry steaming into port, church bells ringing out to announce its open for business.  The multitide of different languages and laughter as hikers march up the lane to the sacred caves in the cliffs above and the locals meeting and greeting and gossiping as they go about their daily chores.

Sometimes helicoptors will swoop over the village on their way to the sea to pick up water before heading off into the interior to douse bush fires.

It is the perfect way to unwind and regain some inner peace.

9 thoughts on “Window with a View – Samos,Greece.

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  3. I have always wanted to travel to greece, and have went so far as to look into the various islands and travel reviews. These pictures are breathtaking and encourage me to truly pursue a trip there. Thank you!

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