Gimme Ganga Man – A dogdy story

Meggie’s pupils were huge, she had a happy smile on, but it was the intent way she watched my housemate, Helen, take a toke from the spliff in her hand that gave the game away.   

‘What have you been doing to my dog?’ I asked as I eyed the pair of them from the door way.   Helen giggled, blew smoke out of her mouth towards Meg who inhaled deeply.    

“I gave her a blow back” Helen replied.

“I asked you to dog sit.  That means protect and care for, not lead astray and corrupt”  I said as I tried to pull dog away from the intoxicating fumes. 

‘Oh she loves it’ Helen said knowingly.

 This isn’t the first time is it?’ I asked.  Helen and Meggie just beamed at me.

I sighed and went to put the kettle – this happened a lot.  One look from those chocolate brown pleading eyes and my friends turned to mush, denied her nothing and obedience training went out the window.   Thanks to my housemates the dog had developed a taste for beer, liked veging out on the sofa with Chris, snuggling up with Mark on the bed and eating pizza with the girls.    I never had a shortage of walkers/sitters and often people visited to say hello to Meg.  My dog was way more hip than me.  

‘They say dogs take after their owners’ my friend Jenny said, when I mentioned the dog’s persuasive ways ‘She’s a tart just like you’.  

‘WHAT’!  I exclaimed

‘She gives them one look with those bedroom eyes, rolls over, spreads her legs and waits for her stomach to be scratched.  No one can resist especially men’.   

‘I have never done that’ I protested – ‘well apart from the time I drank  a bottle of  14 percent proof fruit wine’.  

Sensing that she was not the centre of attention, the dog rolled on her back, wiggled her bottom and started to pant heavily. 

‘See what I mean?’ Jenny said  ‘shameless’.

I made a note never to let my friends babysit any of my future children.

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