The Star Dunes of the Sossusvlei. The Namib Sea Desert



Dune 45

It had been a long heart stopping climb in the grainy semi dark light of  pre-dawn, but finally I sat atop the 150 meter high Dune 45.  Burrowing into the  knife edge of sand to ensure that I could not tumble down the sharply angled sides I waited for the sun to rise.21We  had set off from Windhoek the day before, an intimate group of 3 paying guests, the guide/driver and the cook.   The Wild Dogs  truck had room for 15 passengers, plenty of space to be bounced around as it made its way over the unpaved potholed tracks through desert, one horse towns and spectacular valleys.565814Sunset over the Sesriem, Valley pass rock formations and the extremely rare quill tree (used for arrow quills in ancient times) After 7 hours driving, segmented by a stop for lunch on someone’s goat farm we finally arrived at the Sesriem Camp site.  It was unbearably hot.  We pitched the tents, cooled off in the swimming pool then checked out the camp site.111112Hung  from the tree branches above us were  huge straw, hive shaped structures with hundreds of holes in them. “The five star hotel” our guide informed us.  “We call them ‘Friendly Finches’” The birds continually repaired or built the nests from what looked suspiciously like the straw umbrellas dotted around the pool.   They lived up to their name, when sitting quietly  one of the trees they hopped around my feet.259248247225214195As the sun rose above a landscape containing the oldest and highest sand dunes in the world, it’s rays of light turned the dunes turned from umber to beige to dusky rose, amber to bright yellow and ochre to burnt orange and red.   The air was cool and still and nothing stirred below.  Silence.  Each person so wrapped up in wonder it rendered them speechless.3432201202207Eventually the sun crested, air warmed, bodies began to perculate.  It  was time to head down.  Breakfast was calling.


3 thoughts on “The Star Dunes of the Sossusvlei. The Namib Sea Desert

  1. Also I don’t see any dates on the entry anywhere, could you email me back and tell me when you were able to take these wonderful images?

    • Hi tommmy sorry its taken so long to reply I have been travelling in Mayamar and wifit is not good there. We went on an organised trip from Windhoke the capital and it was hot during the day. Nights were cold though. I visited about 5 years ago.

  2. Amazing photographs, I’ve always been fascinated by these enormous dunes but even if i were to ever have the means to see them and climb them for myself, my distaste for hot climates and being uncomfortably sweaty as well as an irrational fear of being lost in remote unhospitable places might be enough to keep me from going there and should the opportunity ever arise i would have to do some very hard thinking about it. Until then pictures like these are enough to satisfy my awe and fill my imagination

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