Habari Safari. The Serengetti.



Orange dust rose into the air coating us in a fine layer as  Armani hit the brakes, did a three point turn and raced back down the track away from the water hole back to a spot we had been parked up at  5 minutes before.


“Where are we going?”  What’s happening?”  we all yelled one after another

Armani gave his standard response

“It’s a surprise”  he shouted back

Now last time he had said that we saw lion cubs so we stood up and hung out of the pop top roof, cameras at the ready as he pulled up.

Lions, and they had just caught a zebra.  We just missed the chase but were in for the kill.






Zebra and Wilder beast migration was well underway when we visited the Serengeti.  As far as the eye could see there were lines of the beasts all plodding slowly towards the water holes after leaving  the Massi plains.  Which, of course, made it an excellent time to see the big cats.  Lions, leopard and Cheetahs.




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