Time for a Gin and Tonic

What’s cool and refreshing in the heat?  – a G & T!

Well after all my bitching about the rain I finally got a weekend that was not only water free but scorching as well.  Unfortunately it was so hot that moving became impossible without losing a couple of litres of body fluid.  Tap water flowed at a tepid temperatures and ice cubes melted in a nano seconds.      My tomato plants shrivelled and I had to protect them from the beating rays with makeshift shade makers.  The herbs wilted and despite my early watering are still looking worse for wear.  The pumpkin and aubergine plants are covered in white fly who are attempting a world record to see who can drain a leaf dry of moisture first and there is a snail fest taking place in the puddles where water from the can has collected.

With work looming after the long weekend, the gods that be decided to ramp up the heat last night so that sleep was impossible in the humid, thirst inducing temperatures.    Today was our first day back at work and everyone I spoke to (that didn’t have air conditioning) had managed to snatch about an hours doze throughout the wee hours.    Dazed, tired, puffy eyed workers stumbled about the building all muttering that they didn’t want to be there and wished it was Friday (me included).     Ah well it’s 6.35 and time for a G and T before another sleepless night – who knows maybe the alcohol will knock me out!  ……………………What a good idea …………….waiter make that two G & T’s please!

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