Just another temple in Cambodia – but oh Wat a Temple!

If the King’s Palace in Cambodia is all too formal/expensive for you I have an alternative that is close by and does not cost a cent.   Walk up the road with the Palace walls to your left.  A couple of streets up on the right is a very old temple.

Gateway to temple complex

Everything here is crumbling but of course this adds to the ambience.

There were no mangy dogs and the monks are happy for you to look around.

There are some interesting statues in the grounds – not sure what is going on here!

Loved this statue

It really pays to screw your courage to the sticking post and have a wander off the beaten track – this is what you could find.  Amazing stuff. And of course you can have a  well-earned drink at the Foreign Correspondents Club just down the road.

2 thoughts on “Just another temple in Cambodia – but oh Wat a Temple!

  1. I grew up in Asia. No one will eat you while you’re wandering aimlessly. These days, you’d be lucky to be looked at twice. They’re used to foreigners. I used to get pinched; they’d never seen a white kid before. They had to pinch me to determine if I was real in Saigon. Also, let’s face it, I was a pudgy kid at that point. 😉

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