24 hours in KL – Malaysia

K.L is a multi faceted city.   Poor quarters nestle alongside affluent ones.  Old buildings rot and crumble to dust whilst new tenements rise into the sky.  Religious communities live side by side and their temples can often be found on the same street.  Street markets complete with air-conditioned shopping malls and fast food restuarants.  It can be dirty, squalid, hot and humid and choked with traffice yet there are still areas of green open spaces where there is a sense of tranquility and the air is easier to breath.  I often return to KL to spend a few days and take in some more of the city.  Here is a photographic diary of  a day in KL.

 I start off with a trip to my favourite place for breakfast.  Roti Telur – Tastes amazing.  I’d never seen another tourist in this place until last trip. Unfortunately the secret is out!

Then I head to the indoor craft market next door to pick up some gifts and have a coffee.  They were regenerating the area when I visited.

It’s good to wander around the backstreets and visit some of my favourite spots.

Many of the old houses have a small alter with offerings to the gods on their outside walls.  I’ve never seen cupcakes before!

A vist to the Hindu temple is a must.  It’s colourful, gaudy, intricate and fascinating.

A quick stop for a photo opp

Then a train ride to the posh malls for shopping – passing the Indian Palace on the way.

 Having spent up catch a taxihome for a quick shower and rest

Back in the Chinese quarter I head out for dinner either at the outdoor food markets.

 Where I can have my choice of food cooked for me or chicken claypot (a fav)

Or I can head to the indoor malls back in town where the lights are so pretty.

Then off the one of the many bars for a couple of drinks

whilst checking out the street entertainment.

Before heading back to the hostel to watch the city lights from the roof top

13 thoughts on “24 hours in KL – Malaysia

  1. I stopped over for 2 days in KL in 2006 while on a business trip to remote Kemaman town in Terranganu region of Malaysia. The description given on KL along with photographs of KL is very true. I just joined new to this blog website and I am yet to get familiarized myself with various interconneted sites. I may be able to share some of my pictures from Malaysia especially some from remote locations I visited.

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