Just Me and You and the TV Crew, Malaysia


QuantcastWhen visiting India there’s always a possibility that one may be approached by a talent spotter and asked to act in bit part for a Bollywood production.  This has happened to several of my friends and, from the amount of time they spent recounting the experience, it obviously made a deep impression on them.    Now it is no longer necessary to travel to India and mooch around film studios in order to land a screen debut as Bollywood has come to Europe and scene shooting takes place all over the world.  Last year they went to Samos in Greece to film ‘The Game’ and recruited half the island as extras.   We missed it, being in Australia at the time, but on our return Gregorie, our plumber, recounted the event as he fixed the boiler.    Miss India, the dancing girls and cast of the film took over one of the hotels on the port and much to his disgust brought their own chefs (Greeks don’t  do hot and spicy).  Also much to his disgust the girls were gorgeous and unobtainable (they were chaperoned).   However, it was the easiest money he’d made all year, they even offered him 100 euros to cut his hair short and 200 to have it shaved off.  Being a little vain Gregorie refused to go the whole hog and in view of the current economic climate is probably regretting it.  

Bollywood has never had the pleasure of me starring in one of their blockbusters however, Malaysia has had the privilege of my visage being plastered all over their news’ programmes.   The TV crew were so  impressed that I was the only foreigner to last the three hour long opening ceremony for the restored fort walls in Melaka (all in Malaysian) they wanted to interview me.   What I couldn’t tell them was that I only stayed for the free handouts (which came at regular intervals, the dancing (which didn’t happen until the end) and the spectacular outfits that the elite of the town turned out in.   Oh and the fact it was world cup time, all my mates were watching the game and I wasn’t interested. 

“What did you get out of the ceremony?”  the interviewer asked

“Well, it’s a very nice wall” I answered.  He looked disappointed.

“And very well restored” I added .  He looked unimpressed.  

 I started to gabble “The ceremony was very auspicious and I enjoyed it immensely”

The interviewer perked up, asked me a few more questions and I bullshitted my way through them (after all it was a big deal to them even if it was a small section of wall).   It was a wrap and I headed home with my party bag.

Now I’ve heard a rumour that they are planning to film the life of Pythagoros in Samos and having had a taste of fame this time I aim to be around when they are casting.

I wold love to hear your thoughts on this post.

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