Shooting stars, Stellar Skies and UFO’s – Philipinnes

  I lie under the stars – the night sky so clear that the inky black serves only to act as a back drop for the glittering canopy hanging above me.      Shooting stars intermittently traverse the heavens whilst Mars or is it Venus? glows red surrounded by white diamonds.  The sand is baby soft,  the sea murmmers invitingly, the village is silent, the dogs are asleep.  Even the breeze that caressed and cooled my skin is slumbering.

In the distance I see a strange misty orange glow.  It’s smudged oviod shape zips backwards and forwards across a section of the sky for some time before disappearing.  What was it?    I look around for the cause – nothing is stirring, reflecting, beaming, refracting or laser pulsing.  It’s a mystery and I appear to be the only one to have witnessed it.

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