Chang Mai Cricket Sixes – A Night Out With The Boys

It’s Chang Mai Cricket Six tournament week.  A time to meet old and new friends, party late into the night and carry on the next day, laugh until you cry, feast on excellent food, indulge in massages for aching bodies, shop in the night and day markets,  raise a heap of money charity and of course, play some cricket   Despite hangovers, lack of sleep and numerous injuries,  players turn up on time and astound spectators with their ability to play in temperatures that would melt the ice in a Margareta in 10 seconds flat.   Mitch, my other half, plays with the Malakas team.  An institution in this cricketing world beloved by all for their antics, humour, shocking dress sense and the ability pull a last-minute six or take a wicket and get back in the game.

Four years ago I was thrown into this world, floundered for a while, found my place and sat back and enjoyed.  Previously I ducked out of the late night drinking/party  sessions choosing to retire at a relatively sensible time of most mornings.  Leaving Mitch to do the male bonding thing, watch football, drink himself silly etc.  Thus giving myself some time to get up early and shop, pamper, sightsee and do girly stuff without a reluctant male in tow.

This year I went out with the boys on the town and had a ball.  I have not laughed so much in a long time.  They got home this morning in time to pack and catch their flight I woke up at 2pm and went for breakfast.   Thanks for the excellent company gentlemen I will see you all again next year.

2 thoughts on “Chang Mai Cricket Sixes – A Night Out With The Boys

  1. I adore Chang Mai, and the whole of Thailand. My favourite place on earth is Ko Lipe. Tiny island just barely keeping out of the grasp of sticky fingered backpackers…

    Great blog, keep it up!

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