A Slice of Paradise, the Harau Valley – Sumatra, Indonesia

Want to get off the beaten track and away from it all, relax, take a break from lugging that backpack around for a while?  I’ll let you into a little secret – make your way to the Harau Valley.  Lodgings consist of small huts in the middle of lush tropical foilage overlooked by sheer towering faces of multi-coloured rock.     Acres of flourescent green paddyfields add to the visual effect and the river that runs through the valley is complete with sun dappled bathing pools and refreshing cascades that throw gushing, gurgling and tinkling sound effects into the still air.   We stayed 3 days and didn’t see another tourist!  It was a slice of paradise.

31 thoughts on “A Slice of Paradise, the Harau Valley – Sumatra, Indonesia

  1. Wow those pictures look awesome! Thanks for writing about Sumatra. This is such a great article 🙂 Anyway, if you need more reference about another Indonesian destination places maybe you can also visit http://www.jakpost.travel, I also read some informative articles there. I hope it could be useful for you too.

  2. It is really a paradise. In early days of my career, I used to live and work in a Tea Plantation situtated in a remote hilly country side of a south Asian Country. The place used to get cut off from outside world for about 3 months a year during heavy monsoon season when unpaved hilly roads used to get washed away. I am remembering those days of my life. unfortunately, I did not have camera then and I could not appreciate the nature then as I do now living and working in a concrete jungle of major US city. Thanks for sharing….
    I recently went on 13 day road trip thru Turkey and I would make time to post some of my pictures of ancient archeological sites whihc we visited during that travel.

  3. Great, super nice photos! I am just back from Indonesia, what a place! Thanks for sharing these and for stopping by my blog. Keep up the super work!

  4. What a beautiful place. I got to attend a seminar on Indonesian martial arts came from Java; he said Indonesia was incredibly beautiful. These pictures are definitely proof of that.

  5. These pictures brought back fond memories. I lived three years in Indo, two of those in Sumatra among the Minangkabau people, and I spent a few days in Harau Canyon. Thanks for the flashback!

    • Hi there – Sumatra is such a wonderful place, the travelling is a little rough – but taking the local buses is an amazing way of experiencing the life. You need to go to see the Orangutans, stay in the wonderful crater lakes, climb the smoking mountain – avoid Medan at all costs or get out ASAP. I heard that Banda Ache was still recovering from the Tsunami when we visited and the beaches were a mess – however right at the top of the island are meant to be some great places to chill. Of course it may be different now – tourism may be up again

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