Magic Mushrooms or laundry service madam? Danau Toba, Sumatra

Yet another stunning spot to head to when in Sumatra.   A deep lake set in the collapsed caldera of an extinct volcano, surrounded by the steep walls from which waterfalls cascade.  Rice fields abound – farmed by the Batak people who are the inhabitants of this area.  This area is bursting with stuff to do, walking, trekking, swimming, eating, traditional Batak villages to visit, hot springs to float in, the occasional wedding to attend, music nights, restaurants in lush settings or overlooking spectacular views and traditionally crafted lodgings to idle the day away in if too exhausted to even contemplate any of the aforementioned.   We headed for Tuk Tuk the islands main resort town where it appeared that the main items for sale were intended to get one high – apparently it was a bit of trippy place to hang out in the old days.       After the Tsunami the tourist industry bottomed and at the time we visited there was probably a handful of foreigners around.

We stayed way longer than we intended.  Hospitable, tranquil, the food was pretty good, the scenery breathtaking and the hot springs ( devoid of people) relaxing. Put it on your list of places to go – you won’t regret it!

 Mr Moon’s Hostel – the backgarden!

    Our room

Market based in traditional houses.

View from a restuarant

Traditional Batak Village House

 A weird combination!

Another View from the village of Tuk Tuk

Village kids

 The chilling out area

Anamalistic Totem that are on all of the traditional houses.

A pool with a view – good grief my hair was short then!

 Wow – great view from the jetty

4 thoughts on “Magic Mushrooms or laundry service madam? Danau Toba, Sumatra

  1. Lovely photos! And I’m glad I’m not the only one who found the mushroom/laundry combinations weird. Like who are they trying to appeal to? Someone who likes to get off their head but also wants their clothes freshly pressed.

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