Sand, Sea, Sun and Strippers – Flores Island, Indonesia

The Russian couple stripped off.  He wore nothing but ropes of gold chains around his neck and wrists and she wore nothing but a sparkling set of white-capped teeth and a couple of substantial silicone implants.

“I wonder if they understand the protocols of a muslin country?”  I mused out aloud.  We were on Sanaya Island – a couple of hours boat ride out from Labuanbajo.  After a couple of days hanging around the town waiting for accommodation to become available we had finally arrived sans loud, overbearing Russian naturists.

The bungalow came with an outside toilet and mandi – water supplied courtesy of the sea and a bit of water fetching by the occupants.  We also had some sub-tenants living underneath us.

Not a huge amount to do during the day apart from sleep, eat, snorkel, sunbathe, read, sleep, eat , snorkel and sunbathe, read……………….

We did walk to the end of the beach and up the hill behind the huts for a change one day!

The island can only accommodate a few people at once and there is a time limit on the length of stay.   The enforced relaxation was just what we needed before the long journey ahead across the island.

Unfortunately, the lack of respect for our hosts and their culture by the naturists slightly marred the perfect getaway.

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