Places I have travelled to

America, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bali, Barbados, Bolivia, Borneo, Brazil, Cambodia, Cypress, Cuba, England, Equador, France, Floris, Germany, Gibralter, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Laos, Lombok, Malaysia, Monacco, Peru, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Thailand, Turkey Vietnam, Wales, Uruguay

4 thoughts on “Places I have travelled to

  1. I think it is just amazing to have travelled to all of theses places. If I had my life to do over this is what i would do. This was my dream to travel all over the world but then i grew up & married someone who was afraid to fly……….

    • That is a shame – What about a cruise instead? I have to admit I dislike flying the more I travel. Some people I know knock themselves out with sleeping tablets and wake up at the other end non the wiser.

      • I remember when I flew to Israel. First time on a plane since I was a kid. I was so excited! Watching day change into night, flying over different lands really excited me. The clouds were awesome. Ha when I returned home think I slept for 3 days!!!

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