Parque Nacional Iguazu – Argentina.

 Looking over the top of the Iguazu falls

What an awesome place.  55,000 hectares of sub-tropical rainforest, waterfalls that rival the Victoria Falls, a close encounter of the wet kind under the semi-circular Garganta del Diablo fall, butterflies that boldly land on skin and stay awhile, cheeky colourful birds peering down through branches, cute looking mammal moms and babies (have no idea what they are called) who will make off with lonesome backpacks if given the chance and best of all rainbows, rainbows and more rainbows.    Nature trails wind through forest, down to the base of the falls and around smaller torrents in the vicinity.  Rainbows hover over the falls so keep your eyes peeled and camera ready.  Take the train or walk along the river to the main walkway which takes a path over the top of the falls where one can see a wildlife (and lots of it) along the way.





5 thoughts on “Parque Nacional Iguazu – Argentina.

  1. I am deeply impressed and inspired by your work! Loved the photography and its composition. I am looking forward to your next post.

  2. Those are excellent photos! I used to live about three hours from the Parque, in Obera, and I miss being able to get there so easily. In the supposed words of Eleanor Roosevelt: “Poor Niagara…”

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