Isla de Sol – Bolivia

According to legend, Island of the Sun is where the Inca were created and the sun’s birthplace.  Catch a ferry, buy tickets from the booths near the pier from Copacabana.  It is advisable not  to go by local fishing boat  – I’ve heard accounts of boat owners stopping at the wrong place and refusing to go any further until tourists pay more money.

Expect to be underwhelmed by the Inca sites – there’s hardly anything there – but the views are amazing.

If  you are treking across the island from Cha’llapampa to Yumani expect to pay a toll each time you cross a village’s territory.  Make sure that the guy with the tickets hands one over before you give him the money – we spent 10 minutes arguing that one of us had paid.    If you are on the day trip watch the time as you may miss the boat home if you are a slow walker.

Unless you are an archeologist or like walking along bleak ridgelines at high altitude and paying extra for it, I would recommend staying for a couple of days at Yumani.

Take your time to explore, absorb the village life and settle in at night to watch the spectacular sunsets.

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