An Audrey Hepburn Moment – Cusco,

Just over a year ago I had an Audrey Hepburn moment.   I  was visiting a Panama hat  making workshop at the time.  Not only did they have the classic shapes shown to such an advantage in the old black and whites but new styles for women that were wide brimmed, beribboned  and very ”my fair lady”.   I am not a hat person as the many wedding photos of guests that my friends and family have will testify.  The bigger styles overwhelm my face and travel down to my chin so  I look like one of Micheal Bentin’s Potties – does anyone remember them?  The natty little ones that perch on the top of the head and look oh so cute on other women also tend to end up around my forehead.  So imagine my surprise when I tried a style and saw myself as an extra in the racing scene of said film.  At the time I was backpacking down South America and although the practicalities of carrying a hat half the size of my packback on public transport, through the Amazon basin and up mountains were pointed out to me I bought it.

The hat and I have had many adventures in the year since my moment.  It has protected me from the rain, mosquitoes and sun on many occasions.  It became battered,, tattered, mud splattered and faded.  It was admired, laughed at, a fellow traveller tried to buy it off me and women often asked where they could buy one (I loved saying Ecuador).

Yesterday my hat and I were parted when an elderly Vietnamese lady sidled past my table where it was placed and gave it a admiring look.   My bus arrived and in grabbing my bag I turned my back on the hat.  Unforgivable, remiss and stupid.  The hat of course was gone when I turned back to retrieve it as was the little old lady.  Still we had good times, it was getting holey and a little worn…..and it will look good on her.

May it have many more travels.

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