Chivay – Peru

Chivay, the provincial capital at the head of the spectacular Cola Canon was surprisingly interesting.  There was plenty to see in the day and night markets, the surrounding area is accessible by mini bus and the scenery is stunning. 

But of most interest was the locals going about their business. 

We were lucky to arrive when the whole town was having an emergency drill and the whole population gathered in the square.


Of course there was the occasional photo opportunity especially with the alpaca and children dressed in traditional clothes.

As the nights were in the minus degree range it was worth the effort to walk to the hot springs in the morning and have a dip.  The early bird gets a choice of several empty pools, it’s extremely reasonable and there’s no time restrictions. 

If you get bored with the water, check out the nearby canyon.

Give yourself a break and take a car taxi back to town and eat at the bistro in-between the two pizza parlours – the food is excellent.   Wander around the local markets or take a bus to a nearby village.  

Or take a pew and people watch for a while.

This place is definitely worth a few days stop over. 

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