Hurrah for Huaraz – The Cordilleras, Peru

The understated town of Huaraz is an ideal place to base oneself in order to explore the mountainous region of the Cordilleras Blanca.  The town is in a region of stunning scenery and overlooked by snow capped mountains with summits peaking at a staggering 6000m.

If one dares to ascend into the mountains and take on the altitude, tranquil blue azure glacier lakes await and a glimpse of the mountains of Huascarin and the triangular Artesonraju (rumoured to be Paramount films logo).

Stock up on handmade, cheap llama woollens before you head into out.  The ladies will agree to have their ph0to taken if you purchase off them.

But there are plenty of opportunities to take an unposed shot as the locals dress in traditional clothing.

Every day seemed to be a fiesta day in Huaraz.  Dance competitions, fireworks and bands parading around the streets.

The children of the town were having a dance competitions one day.

Pretty dresses and great footwork!

Our hosts were so friendly and welcoming  we stayed for over a week soaking up the sun, the views and the party vibes.

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