Montevideo – home of Bar Los Beatles

Although small in size for a capital city, I had to put in some miles to find the main quarters of interest.  The city can be divided into various sections:-

1)  The city centre where streets bustle with activity, street vendors, markets, shopping malls, grandiose houses and dance classes.  Don’t expect to be overwhelmed by the choice in menus – it tends to be pizza or a slab of meat.

2) The restaurant area behind the grim-looking central plaza.  Where one can pay a fortune for a meal or eat cheaply in one of the numerous open air squares planted with trees and surrounded by delicate iron trellis-work

3) The artistic section down by the port, where lunchtime in one of the renovated buildings is  major event for all city dwellers before wandering around shops inhabited by the budding local artisan community

4). The poorer quarter where people live on top of each other in crumbling colonial once beautiful houses.

5) The seaside promenade where residents from the high-rise buildings behind,  fish for their supper or bring out their deck chairs and soak in the final rays of day in the golden hour before night falls.

You may know of more but this is what we discovered in the two days of aimless wandering around.

Anyway any city that has a hotel called   Bar Los Beatles has to be worth a mention!

I wold love to hear your thoughts on this post.

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