Friendly Beach and Fabulous Food. Chapter 7.



Friendly Beach

Of course there is so much more to Freycinet National Park than Wineglass Bay (see Part 6 of a Taste of Tasmania).   Friendly beach where the surfers play and the march flies live up to the beaches name.

8z  The Hazards which a walker will have to tackle at some stage if planning one of the numerous treks in the area


The Lookout and lighthouse which gives a 360 view of the area.




Honeymoon bay – Spectacular rather than romantic


Sandy Cove with its rugged rocks – note the hole carved out of one of the boulders in the distance.

Now if you have made it to the end of this post and have lichen overload or scenery sickness, here is something to stimulate the senses


        Yep it’s that lobster lunch I was fantisizing about as I struggled uphill from Wineglass bay.  Freycinet Marine Farm was just a small open air restaurant selling ultra fresh produce.   First time I’ve ever had lobster (totally hooked on the stuff now),  best oysters I’ve ever tasted and complimented with a glass of the local  white wine.  An excellent way to chill after a long day of walking.



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