Who needs shopping centres when the markets of Asia are so much more evocative.

Vietnam – Pickled fish for anyone?

Why wait to the last minute to go Christmas shopping, take a holiday to Aisa, check out the many colourful and numerous markets, barter to your hearts content and bring back something different to put under the xmas tree next year.

Freshness guaranteed – aw poor things!

  The shop comes to you over land or

over sea.


you can just about buy anything from these markets – check out the weekend market in Bangkok – its awesome

In fact Asia is just made up of markets – it seems that everyone has something to sell

The prices are a lot cheaper as well!



The night markets are great places to eat in – ever tried the clay pot chicken – its delicious

Peanut Seller, Vietnam

The market food vendors operate day

and night – banana and honey rotis – yum

Markets are full of Kodak moments .

the smell of aromatic fresh spices is overwhelming


The baffling array of unidentified food stuffs intriguing

 The flower markets are delightful

 and there is plenty of colour

There is nothing mundane about shopping in Aisa.  I love it!

13 thoughts on “Who needs shopping centres when the markets of Asia are so much more evocative.

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  2. That was my favorite part of Korea…the open market.. I loved that you could buy a dress, rain boots and octopus all in the same place. It’s like the best Walmart ever!

  3. You have captured the essence of so many of my own memories that I was unable to at the time (no camera – the folly of youth!). Thanks for liking my post as well – just starting out.

  4. Thanks for helping me remember the markets… The smell is pretty intense as well, usually 😉
    Thanks for liking my post, as well. Nowhere near as sophisticated – my photos are usually happy accidents!

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