Star studded nights, sky blue days and surreal landscapes – Southwest Bolivia part 3

  One does wonder how this journey could get better but the best is yet to come.  After lunch we headed out into the bleak and beautiful land driving towards our final stop for the night and Laguna Colorada, the bright red and blue lake fringed with white minerals and dotted with thousands of pink flamingos.  We passed more weird and wonderful volcanoes shaped by strong winds and sand storms, several different coloured lakes and stopped briefly at the petrified forest (stone formations) where we were sand blasted by the wind .   After spending time at the Colorada, where the wind chill factor was heading towards minus, we arrived at even more basic accommodation.  One of our members decided to brave the showers watched by two of the resident children who had obviously seen it all before!  We could hear his screams down the corridor.  Apparently the water was bloody freezing so much so that being observed by two small  giggling children became the least of his worries!  The rest of us decided to pass on getting clean and decided to wait for the thermal baths the next day.

Tomorrow the final stage of the our journey to the thermal springs, mud geysers and the magnificant Volcano that stands between Bolivia and Chile

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