Star studded nights, sky blue days and surreal landscapes – South West Bolivia Part 2

After a night of convivial company and punctuated sleep  (in full kit including thermals, jumpers and a hat), buried in a sleeping bag under llama wool blankets we woke to watch the sunrise.  This turned out to be a complete waste of time it was hidden by the hill on the right of the house.  Still the sky obligingly turned pink and the sand silver so it wasn’t a complete disaster and we were all so cold that getting up was a relief in its self.   As the guides snoozed through the whole thing we had a wait before hot tea and coffee was available.  Some finished off the wine (seemed like a good idea at the time) but boy was that hot steaming mug welcome when it arrived.

Having loaded up the landrovers we headed away from the blinding white plains and into the land of  rainbow-hued volcanoes and multi-coloured lakes.   First stop an active volcano – not close enough for many of us but it was good to stretch cramped muscles and lie in the sun watching the rock sending smoke signals into the sky.   The driver put some music on and we headed off to the next stop which was a lake where we would have lunch.  Along the way we sang and snapped the amazing scenery.

Finally after a few hours driving we arrived

Stunning Stuff!

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